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Craig Clemens

January 03, 2018

Even while there will inevitably be a few surprise releases there are already a ton of release dates set in stone, or at least expected to be released, in 2018. Here a few of the ones we’re waiting for:

After quite pubicaly airing their dirty laundry via their solo records Lemonade and 4:44, JAY-Z confirmed that he and Bey are working on a new LP. Using the time as a sort of musical therapy session Jay said, “We still have a lot of that music”. It’s expected that we’ll get to hear it before the year is out.

The Atlanta-based trap group is set to release their sequel to Culture this month. Although it was initially slated for October the date and album never materialized. Expect to hear “MotorSport” on it, a collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Cardi B from last October.

Courtney Barnett
Following up her collaborative effort with Kurt Vile from 2017, her double EP in 2015 and her debut in 2013, this year proves to be another banner year for this Australian slack-rocker. She revealed that she had recorded some new material in the fall of 2016 with the expectation of releasing a sophomore solo record. The last we heard on the issue was when she explained the process saying, “I don’t know, I just did a lot of second-guessing myself and freaked myself out, I think”. Although those words don’t sound incredibly promising she’s always been one to push out great material when it’s ready.

Danny Brown
The Detroit-native’s cutting and dynamic style has carried him through a slew of albums throughout the years – most recently with 2016’s Atrocity Exhibition. Most recently you’d be hard pressed to find Danny Brown anywhere but the studio. “I’m working on my next album right now,” he disclosed this past fall. “I would just say it’s being produced by one producer who’s legendary in hip-hop. And it’s gonna be a big deal.”

LA-based producer/singer Mike Milosh (aka Ryhe) was creating music for almost a decade before he initially started turning some heads. This time, his long awaited follow up to his debut Blood, promises to be well sculpted in the studio and, presumably, well played in many more bedrooms.

Childish Gambino
After moving to the UK and playing a young Lando Calrissina in an upcoming Star Wars film, Donald Glover let it slip that he had bee working on some new tunes. “London has been very inspirational,” he said to BBC Radio 1’st Clara Amfo in December. Glover has also be teasing a potential collaboration with Chance the Rapper.

Father John Misty
After landing Pure Comedy on a ton of Top Albums lists in 2017, I’d pencil whatever he’s working on in 2018 on future lists as well. Earlier in the year he had told Uncut to expect a “heartache album” in the coming year.

Following up his very long “playlist” More Life Drake is already talking up some brand new music. This past summer at OVO Fest Drake announced to the crowd that he was putting together a follow-up, telling the crowd, “I’m about to go back to making this new album in Toronto, just for you.”

Lady Gaga
After being forced to reschedule a long stretch of a European tour in the fall due to “severe physical pain,” the odds seem stacked against a previously teased follow-up to her 2016 album Joanne. As recently as August Gaga had said she was writing her next album, and while at 2017’s Coachella, where she had replaced Beyonce as a headliner, she debuted a brand new song to start the set. One can only hope she’s well enough to make it work.

Justin Timberlake
After “Can’t Stop the Feeling” there was a scent in the air that the new and promised Justin Timberlake LP wouldn’t be too good. And yesterday, (January 2) it was announced that, yes, Man in the Woods will probably suck. Due out in February Timberlake is already receiving criticism for somehow transforming a cheap clone of Bon Iver after spending the majority of his career co-opting R&B music. So we’ll see how this goes for him but good money is on him seriously tanking his Super Bowl performance.