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Eric De La Torre

October 02, 2015

One of the biggest appeals of Zhu in the music community is he isn’t afraid to try something different. His freshman effort “The Night Day EP” was just that: a sultry mix of rhythms and echoing melodies that haunt the listener long after the record has stopped.

That being said, any artist knows that one of the most difficult tasks in the music industry is following up a hit with another hit. After dropping the first single off of his second EP (with the working title Genesys Project) with “Automatic”, a collaboration with AlunaGeorge, Zhu still seems to have not lost his touch. He’s now released his latest offering “As Crazy As It Is” with veteran producer and DJ, as well as Fools Gold label owner, A-trak.

Departing from his signature deep house tempos, “As Crazy As It Is” is a fun fusion of reggae rhythms, with a dash of electronica and modern lounge to keep things bouncey. Paired with vocalist Keznamdi, this latest single seems sure to see some action in the club circuit and possibly on the radio as well.

Having had the pleasure of knowing Zhu in college, it’s very exciting to see his sound develop and mature with his latest Genesys project, and we can only hope that the rest of his tracks to be released later this year are as unique and appealing as “As Crazy As It Is”.