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Annie Hemming

October 06, 2017

It has been 14 years since Karen O, Nick Zinner, and Brian Chase released their debut album Fever To Tell. An album that defined the early 2000s indie rock music rebirth. Fever To Tell includes the twelve songs that made them rock stars, including the iconic “Maps,” one of the most beautiful and real tracks ever produced.

Fever To Tell Reissue is out on vinyl as a box set on October 20th and includes unheard demos, B-sides, rarities, and a 2003 documentary, There Is No Modern Romance (trailer below), which follows the band on tour. For the sake of super fans, it is also limited to 2,000 copies that are individually numbered, signed, and wrapped in fishnet stockings.

This Reissue is a Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan’s (me!) dream! That being said, it is priced at a ridiculous $195…. This one may have to stay absent from my record collection.

YYYs are playing a pair of dates in both L.A. and NY to support the release.