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Jennifer Trujillo

June 28, 2018

Where has all the good R&B gone??!! I miss the 90’s days when artists were pumping out R&B hits all the time. Hopefully with the release of “Talk Is Cheap” from JMSN, that will be the beginning of a change. Many people don’t know who JMSN is and shame on you. Shame on me too because this is the first time I’m hearing the smooth seductive voice of this R&B singer from Detroit. This is not the first time he’s graced us with that voice. His first solo album was actually released in 2006 titled ‘Love Arcade’. After taking some time off he later released ‘Pricilla’ in 2012 which put him on the map.

2018 has already brought him hits such as “Where Do You Go” and “Drinkin”. His latest release “Talk Is Cheap” is what caught my attention and has definitely turned me on to his music. I’m excited to see what’s next!