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Jennifer Trujillo

May 16, 2018

What happens when two powerhouse divas come together to sing a song about women empowerment? FIRE. Christina Aguilera asked Demi Lovato to help her speak out on one of today’s most crucial topics.

This song hits home for me as I’m sure it will for MANY women out there. One of the reasons I’ve always loved Christina is because she’s not afraid to speak her mind, and be the voice for others. And when she pulls another powerful voice to join hers, the message is strong. With the #METOO movement stronger than it’s ever been, this was the perfect time to drop a song like this. Aguilera states that things have always been this way, but that we as women have every right to stand up and speak our minds.

“I’m gonna pay for this, they’re gonna burn me at the stake,” she sings. “But I got a fire in my veins, I wasn’t made to fall in line.” Lovato adds her verse saying, “Show some skin, make him want you, Cuz god forbid you know your own way home. Ask yourself why it matters, who it flatters, you’re more than flesh and bone.”

The songs ends with the two womens high runs over a dull mans voice who’s ordering “one, two three, shut your mouth, stick your ass out for me, march two three, who told you your’e allowed to think,”

The song clearly states the message, “we weren’t made to fall in line”.