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Eric De La Torre

July 09, 2016

Columbus rock duo Twenty One Pilots, has released their single “Heathens”, which will feature on the soundtrack of the new Warners Brothers comic book movie Suicide Squad. The movie follows a group of criminals with special abilities that the government contracts out of prison to fight a greater threat.

The film’s trailers has a very dark yet cynical feel, and “Heathens” works off of that vibe to bring us a heavy and somber tale of a club full of potential psychos. The lyrics warn that you may never know who your sitting next to, or what they may be capable of if you were to accidentally set them off.

“Heathens” has a strong beat with a haunting piano to carry it along, as it steadily builds into a rock climax at the end of the song. The single has been paired with a music video featuring scenes of the unreleased movie, cut with clips of the band performing live to a crowd. Check out the music video below: