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Sam Applebaum

December 10, 2015

Travis Barker, drummer for Punk-Rock band Blink-182 revealed today that the band has been working on new music and will release a new album in 2016. It will be the bands first album since 2011’s Neighborhoods as well as their first album without co-lead vocalist Tom DeLonge. DeLonge left the band earlier in the year and has been replaced by Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio.

There has been mixed reaction to a new album not involving Tom DeLonge but if you’ve heard Matt Skiba before you will be pleasantly surprised at how well he fits with Blink-182’s sound. Many fans have stated that Skiba is the perfect fit. Regardless of who’s in the band fans are eagerly awaiting new music from one of the most popular punk-rock bands on the planet. Bring it on!

Here’s a fan favorite as well as a live performance with Skiba earlier in the year. What do you think?!