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Kelly Patterson

July 05, 2017

While the world was set ablaze last Friday by the new Jay-Z album 4:44, TLC quietly released what could be the jam of the summer, “Way Back.” The song is the first release from their fifth and final album simply titled TLC. It features T-Boz’s raspy and unruffled cool vocals with a velvety smooth delivery from Chilli. Snoop Dog seals the deal on this 90’s flashback groove that makes you reminisce about the heyday of Atlanta R&B music when LaFace Records,TLC and Usher ruled, So So Def remixed every hit and Freaknik was a city staple. The track is a fluent head nodder that gives new life to the G-Funk era of plump base lines. TLC used the power of the social media funding platform, Kickstarter, to finance their project by raising more than $430,000. It will be the group’s first full length album in 15 years and features solely T-Boz and Chilli. TLC definitely has my vote as a nostalgic gem that relies on what has always worked for them without getting too caught up in current trends.