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Jennifer Trujillo

October 04, 2018

“Get Over Yourself Goodbye”! Raise your hand if you remember this song and you could not stop singing it when it came out. I know all of my friends and I were obsessed, and as I’m listening to it now I’m still singing every word. What a HIT!

For you millennial’s who don’t know who Eden’s Crush was, I encourage you to look them up. All you have to do is look up one hit wonders of the early 2000’s and I’m sure they will be on that list. Eden’s Crush was formed from the show “Popstars” and it was made up of 5 members; Ana Maria Lombo, Ivette Sosa, Maile Misajon, Rosanna Tavarez, and a familiar face you all know, Nicole Scherzinger who later went on to be the front singer of The Pussycat Dolls. (Another guilty pleasure of mine).

“Get Over Yourself (Goodbye)” was their first and only hit. It topped the Canadian Singles Chart and peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. Another single, “Love This Way” was released shortly after but did not have the success of their first release. From there it was the classic tale of the one hit wonder.

R.I.P Eden’s Crush. I’m still rocking this song!