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Regan McDonnell

October 30, 2015

Toronto based Alt-Pop act The Nursery are back in action with the release of their bright n’ boppy new power ballad of a single “Hexes and Oh’s”.  Having seen these boys live a couple weeks back at Toronto venue The Piston, I couldn’t help but feel that this band was born to score a 2015 Gaspar Noé directed Rocky Balboa sequel.

“Hexes and Oh’s” is the band’s first release since returning from their Ontario/Quebec fall tour with Montreal based Das Blankout, as well as their first release since recruiting Buffalo, NY’s beast of a drummer Josh English.

Between Victor Ess’ jumping chorus basslines, Jared Roth’s jazzy bridge key licks and fuzzed out synths, all mixed in with singer-songwriter Alex Pulec’s spastic Steve Bays sounding vocals, I guarantee you’ll be intrigued to see what the band offers us next.

Give this jam a listen here!!