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Ben Birchard

September 02, 2016

The Frightnrs hail from Queens, NY and managed to harness an incredible vintage reggae vibe. After cutting their teeth on the New York club circuit, the band had a deal to make an album for Daptone Records, a fitting home for their retro sound.

Sadly, lead singer Dan Klein was diagnosed with ALS (also known as Lou Gherig’s disease) while recording what would become Nothing More To Say. Though Klein persevered to get the record made, he lost his battle with ALS on June 8th, months before today’s release of The Frightnrs first album.

It’s a great one.

The rhythm section of Preet Patel on bass and Rich Terrana on drums is the definition of pocket. Tight and loose all at once. Rocksteady. Chuck Patel’s keys fit nicely in the spaces left open for him. Klein’s vocals are clear and sublime.

2016 keeps on kicking music in the teeth, but music is kicking back. Check out the track “Nothing More To Say” below: