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Jennifer Trujillo

July 26, 2017

As someone who watches her fair share of music documentaries I have to say there are a lot of horrible docs out there, poorly done and not well researched. Just the other day I was watching a documentary about Kurt Cobain and it was so bad I turned it off after 10 minutes. With that said, there are many amazing docs out there that are not only entertaining but educational. The ones that move and inspire you. This is one of those docs.

The Defiant Ones is a four part series about the rise of two staples in the music industry, Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre. Both men share their separate stories about their road to success until their paths collide in 1992 to make an unstoppable force.

“Jimmy Iovine is the levitator, Dre is the innovator”. – Eminem.

I’ve always been fascinated by Jimmy Iovine’s career. His hustle and persistence was always so inspiring to me even as a visual music artist. And my love for Dr. Dre didn’t just come from The Chronic (which was turned down over and over again by labels), without him we wouldn’t have Eminem and for that he’s my hero.

Many music fans hear the name Jimmy Iovine and only think of Interscope or beats by dre, but did you know he’s responsible for the success of talent like Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks? Did you know that his first break was recording with John Lennon? And what about Dr. Dre? We all know his break through was with the rap group N.W.A, but did you know that before them he discovered an all girl rap group named JJ Fad that cleared the way for N.W.A’s success? I can go on and on with facts but I’ll leave it at that and tempt you to want more.

If you’re reading this blog I assume you’re a music fan, so watch this please. Remind yourself why you care about music and the hustle to make music.