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Kelly Patterson

February 24, 2016

UK indie-rockers, The 1975, are expected to release their sophomore album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It this Friday. The first single “Love Me”, is a ‘Fame’-era Bowie-inspired track that continues their trend of feel-good, fun music that’s in the same vein of their 2013 hit, “Chocolate”. The album is not all fluff though, as the group tackles issues as serious as drug addiction on the song “UGH” to dealing with shallowness in the ballad “Change of Heart.” Another notable song on the album is their second single “The Sound”, which showcases catchy lyrics over a danceable, upbeat track. The album was accurately summed up during a live performance by the bands frontman, Matt Healy, when he said, “We’ve been in Los Angeles making our new album. We’re very proud of it so we should play it… There are 17 tracks. There’s no way we could delineate what it’s about, but we want to have a party.”