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Craig Clemens

October 22, 2014

Maybe this will answer the question: “If Taylor Swift releases an album of nothing but armpit farts, would it sell?”

Up until yesterday this was going to be a banner year for those who claimed that the music industry had died out and that marketing firms were failing to get people to find value in music and actually pay for what they listen to. Up until yesterday there were no Platinum selling records or singles for the entirety of 2014, that was until Taylor Swift (a.k.a. everybody’s favorite pop sensation) releases the hit single, “Track 3”, which in actuality is just 8 seconds of white noise.

For those who are unfamiliar with ‘white noise’, here’s 10 hours of it:


Those who follow Taylor Swift, knew that there were reports of Swift releasing a new single in the near future ahead of her upcoming album 1989, and understandably so, were excited to see on Tuesday that a new single had been released on iTunes – therefore, without previewing (or maybe actually previewing and assuming that it was some sort of technical glitch), spent $1.29CAD on this track. This process repeated itself a many million times over, and lo and behold, we have our first platinum selling record of 2014.