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Kelly Patterson

February 08, 2017

If you’ve slept on the pure magic and gold that is SZA, her latest release “Dew Barrymore,” from her forthcoming new album CTRL, will definitely wake you up! It’s been three long years since her debut studio album simply titled Z garnered critical acclaim, but her die-hard fans have maintained a cult-like devotion during her hiatus that included a label dispute and a brief retirement. If you’re new to the celestial world of SZA, “Drew Barrymore,” is a perfect introduction as the St. Louis native continues to deliver ethereal R&B that’s baptized in hip-hop and laced with reflective and bold lyrics. The production on the lead single is definitely dialed back without the complex layers present on much of Z, but it allows the unapologetic grit of her vocals to shine through with a tinge of vulnerability. She perfected her vocal urbanity by fusing her love for an eclectic range of artists which include Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Macy Gray and Lauyrn Hill to Björk, Jamiroquai and Wu Tang Clan. SZA can easily be described as a R&B rebel who jams in her own lane and who has never been one for blending in. She often rocks loose fitting clothes or even pajamas on stage, sometimes for comfort, but primarily to convey that she wants the focus to strictly be on her music… and when you’re as talented as SZA that can never be a bad thing!