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Steve Panacci

March 23, 2016

The RIAA has released its year-end sales report for 2015 which reveals some interesting information. For the first time ever, the music industry made more money off streaming than digital downloads. 34.3% of sales came from streaming, slightly higher than the 34% that was generated from download, and if you’re still buying CD’s, you’re in the minority as CD sales generated 28.8%.

The music industry grew 0.9% from the prior year in 2014, generating more than $7 billion as streaming services brought in $2.4 billion, factoring in subscriptions from Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music, among others.

Given these numbers, 2015 saw the most balanced revenue mix in recent history, with streaming, downloads and physical sales each making up roughly one third of sales.

Spotify recently announced they’ve hit 30 million paid subscribers, while Apple Music has a reported 11 million subscribers in 9 months of availability.