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Eric De La Torre

December 03, 2016

What started as a remix to Steven Clark’s modest hit “Can’t Have” has built momentum to become a potential chart shattering single.

Eric Alberto-Lopez, known professionally as Ape Drums, is an American DJ and record producer that has garnered much well deserved attention in 2016. Coming off his huge placement in Spike Jonze recent directed ad for Kenzo brand, Ape Drums now has picked up the likes of Pitbull on his remix of “Can’t Have”. While the merits of Pitbull’s music can be debated, his feature will no doubt do wonders for the likes of both Ape Drums and Steven Clark.

While Pitbull’s verses don’t particularly make the overall track better or worse, they do affirm the ever changing nature of pop music today. Going from booming and glimmery choruses and catchy lyrics, many of today’s chart hits now air toward the minimalist approach, using short bass stabs and vocal chopped melodies that create very unique textures as only the human voice can create. Pitbull is well known for his business acumen and ability to pick up on such trends, so it’s not surprise that he opted to work with an up-and-coming talent such as Ape Drums.

Check out the Pitbull version below: