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Jennifer Trujillo

August 30, 2018

Music is what makes a good show. That is my firm belief. If the music doesn’t make you feel the emotion of the scene, it’s not a good fit.

I was watching “POWER” the other night and was so impressed with the music supervision of that show. They always seem to match the best music with the scenes, which is probably why I like the show so much. Jennifer Ross is the award winning music supervisor for the show who also does amazing work for the hit show “Empire”, and is one of my personal idols. (I’m getting side tracked, back to the song).

As I was watching this most recent episode of “POWER” there was a certain song that stuck out at me. It was a song off H.E.R.’s self titled album “H.E.R.” released last year. I honestly have to admit that I wasn’t too familiar with the song until now, shame on me because I’m such a huge fan of H.E.R. That voice is so recognizable so once I discovered who it was, it was one of those “I should have known that moments”.

If you watched the last episode of the show I’m sure you’ll recognize this song and remember exactly what scene it’s from. There couldn’t have been a more perfect song to put you right into the scene yourself. It was the perfect reminder we needed that H.E.R. is a artist to be noticed.