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Eric De La Torre

December 10, 2016

British electronic duo Snakehips dropped their remix of Tory Lanez smash radio hit “Luv”. “Luv”, a fun take on the emerging tropic house as well as dance hall roots, has been in heavy rotation on the radio lately all across the nation. Already receiving a verse remix from Sean Paul, now Snakehips takes a crack at putting their sound on it.

While Snakehips is best known for remixing more indie artists like Banks, Bondax, or Wild Belle, remixing “Luv” might seem like a deviation from their normal appetite. What makes “Luv” so attractive for producers like Snakehips to remix, is how bare the original track is aside from the vocals. Consisting of mostly small bass stabs and a very minimal dancehall beat, the extra space allowed Snakehips to really take it in their own direction without losing the essence of it.

Replacing the dancehall drums with a more hip-hop driven beat, they pad the track with some bell synths and effective vocal processing to give the song a more club feel, but allowing the original identity of the song to remain. Take a listen and see if you like Snakehips’ remix below: