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Craig Clemens

October 27, 2016

Starring lead singer Alexis Krauss, Sleigh Bells’ haunting new video for “I Can Only Stare” depicts Krauss playing three suicidal women and their paths. Co-directed by the bands Derek Miller and filmmaker Alex Ross Perry, the clip cuts back and forth between a woman left at the alter, a woman sitting ominously in a car, and another woman sitting on the beach with a bouquet of roses.

“I was flattered, and immediately interested,” Perry said in a statement regarding working with the group. “I knew from their prior videos that Sleigh Bells had a particular aesthetic and I was interested in finding ways to bring my working methods to that table. Then instantly, I felt this was a song I could hear a hundred or so times in the filming and editing, which also proved necessary.”

“It’s bleak, but hopefully inspiring, too,” Miller added. “Most of us have probably felt like one or all three of these characters at some point in time … There’s a tense, ominous quality to it which I hoped he would bring to the video.”

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