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Sarah Nazim

July 27, 2018

Shotty Horroh aka Adam Rooney is a British rapper and singer-songwriter who is known for his multi- syllable rhyme patterns, genius wordplay and humorous punchlines.

A rap battle of his with over 11 million views on YouTube, caught the attention of Canadian electronic music producer deadmau5. The two have collaborated on multiple songs; including “Are You Not Afraid”, “Okay”, and most recently “Legendary”. He’s also worked with Kool G Rap, Royce Da 5’9″ and most recently with Tory Lanez on the single “Some More”.

His latest tracks have diverged into the realm of blending hip-hop with rock music, which is edgy and bold. Shotty is all about being true to himself and he certainly does not shy away from experimenting when it comes to music.

Master T had the chance to chat with Shotty Horroh on RX Music Live! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch the full interview!