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Dan Gassner

January 06, 2016

Coming off of a sold-out performance at Japan’s historic Budokan Arena, Japanese rockers SHISHAMO have kept the ball rolling with the release of a new single and an announcement that a new album will be released March 2, which will be followed by a nationwide tour starting April 9.

The new song, as well as its B-side “Onnagokoro”, will both be included on the new album, along with their summer-themed single “Nettaiya” which was released in August of last year. Although the three members of the band are just a few years out of high school, this will already be their third full studio album in as many years.

Their meteoric rise to fame in Japan is starting to bring them international attention, so it may not be long before overseas fans get a chance to see them in person. Keep an eye on their official site for tour details.