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Kyle Grounds

October 16, 2015

The more strings the better!…is Scale The Summit’s motto (that I just made up now). STS has been one of the modern bands who’ve really put extended range guitars to good use, first using 7- then 8-string guitars, and a 6-string bass. V is a great example of an interesting instrumental album. But there’s one thing in particular that sets this track “Stolas” apart. The boys have gone full-on ’80s VH1 hilarity, presenting a throwback to the “pop up video” style done in a fantastically funny way. But try not to let it distract you too much from what’s happening musically, as it’s no small feat.

Scale The Summit may belong to the same scene as a lot of the current wave of “djent” artists like Animals As Leaders and Periphery, but as far as instrumental bands go, they’re certainly carving their own desert canyons in the genre and forging a very recognizable style.