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Sarah Nazim

December 07, 2017

Sasha Sloan is best known for her  features on the Kygo track “This Town” and King Henry’s “I’ll be there”. There’s not much information available about the synth-pop singer aside from her Twitter bio that reads “McDonald’s enthusiast, songwriter and meme lover.”

She’s released two singles this year including, “Ready Yet” and her most recent track “Runaway“.

Sasha’s music is lyrically deep, on the song “This Town” she sings about the transition into adulthood and the realization of wanting more than the usual routine that most people fall into. The track “Ready Yet” talks about the stress of breaking up with someone, but still having feelings for the person. So many people can relate to that situation of wanting to be friends with an ex we’ve shared so much of our lives with, even when they do us wrong.

Her latest track “Runaway” has a Lana Del Rey meets Bebe Rexha vibe as she sings about the urge to “runaway” as soon as things start to get serious in a relationship.

Listen to “Runaway” below.