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Steve Panacci

December 06, 2019

Born in Michigan and now residing in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter EMM is taking the Indie music scene by storm. With several singles under her belt, she recently put out her latest project, Emerald, the first segment of a three part release. With that, she’s on track to have one of the greatest years in her young career.

EMM sat down with RX Music to discuss her latest single, “Lady”. She also reveals which artist she’d love to collaborate with and why!


RX Music: Thank you for taking the time, EMM. I saw on your Instagram that you were recently in Hawaii. Were you playing there or was this just a getaway?

EMM: I took a vacation, which I never do. It was just amazing and I’m so glad that I went.


RX Music: How long have you been singing and is this something you always knew you wanted to do?

EMM: I’ve been singing my whole life. Both of my parents are Classical musicians so I grew up with amazing support around me all the time. My Dad is also an Opera singer so singing was always a requirement in my home (laughs).


RX Music: If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing?

EMM: Hmm, I don’t know. I’m not a Plan B person so I never really think about it to be honest.


RX Music: The new single “Lady” shines a spotlight on self-love as a woman. What was the inspiration behind it?

EMM: I think just being a woman in the world and things that we feel all the time – the frustration, the awareness that things are just not where they need to be. Zoe, my co-writer, and I talk about this all the time. Everyday we have experiences that are really disappointing and directly related to us being females. We just wanted to write something that could encourage other women who are dealing with the same kind of feeling where sometimes it’s just exhausting.

RX Music: When I listen to the song, I hear it in a trailer for a TV show or movie with a strong female lead. It just has that presence both musically and lyrically.

EMM: Thank you! A lot of people have said that to me.


RX Music: Do you find social media a big problem in trying to set the tone on how people should act and look? I don’t necessarily mean as a woman (unless you think so), but just as a human in general.

EMM: I mean, I find social media to be positive but it really all just depends on who and what you follow. For me, I follow a lot of positive accounts and if someone is giving me anxiety or making me feel bad about myself, I just unfollow them because who has time for that. Any other way, it can be whether it’s social media or magazines – every generation has their medium.


RX Music: Who are your dream collaborators?

EMM: I was just thinking about this the other day. I would love to work with Post Malone. I would also love to work with Chris Martin from Coldplay. He’s the epitome of greatness. I love his writing and I just love him.


RX Music: How have you grown as an artist since releasing your first album?

EMM: I’ve grown a lot as a human and that obviously changes how I pursue and perceive my art. I really have like a 180-mindset shift. Back then I was really struggling with depression, mental health issues and writing a lot about that. Now, I just feel like a totally new person. I’m way more empowered than I used to be. I used to feel like ‘why doesn’t anyone see what I have to offer?’ and that it’s everyone else’s fault. I realize now that I had to own my life and take responsibility for who and where I was in my life. Once you realize that your life is your own responsibility, you gain this amazing empowerment. I was able to realize how much power I have over my own life. That made me so much happier and therefore my music has become happier.

RX Music: This is a common issue these days among teens and young adults. I admire what you’re doing to get the word out there and being open about your story so you can inspire others and letting them know that they’re not alone.

EMM: Thank you! Yeah totally, that’s so important.


RX Music: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, EMM. Anything else you want to say to your fans?

EMM: I love you and I appreciate you so much. I hope you feel some sort of encouragement and empowerment with what I’m doing.