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Kelly Patterson

May 31, 2016

If R.Kelly and D’Angelo were to collaborate on a full length album the end result would probably be something close to the debut project Eldorado by Ro James. Similar to R. Kelly, James is well-versed in using metaphors and straightforwardness for explicit expression delivered with the effortless sensuality of D’Angelo. Eldorado is definitely contemporary R&B, “baby making” music for grown folks that can appreciate a bit of eclectic soul with a street mentality mixed in. His album is a paradoxical paradise where he addresses everything from love and religion to sex and recreational drugs. His obvious influences of hip-hop and soul are apparent as he blends edgy, but sleek and sexy, synthesized melodies. His tonality and falsetto will also put you in the mind of Miguel, and dare I say, Prince, but he definitely creates his own “bad boy” lane. The first release, “Permission” is a mid-tempo, slow burning groove that it sure to blaze all summer long. Other stand out tracks on the album are “The Ride”, “Eldorado” and “Last Cigarette”.

Permission (Edited Version) – Ro James