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Craig Clemens

November 04, 2015

Rumors have been swirling today of Rihanna’s eighth studio album ANTI. Apparently the initial release date of Nov. 6 has again been pushed back well into December. This is partly due to other huge LP’s dropping in November. Bieber’s Purpose and One Directon’s Made in the A.M. on November 13 and Adele’s 25 arriving on November 20 are all due to really take over for a few weeks or so leaving Roc Nation in a conundrum on how to properly roll out Rihanna’s new LP.

According to Billboard Rihanna has been held up on picking her next single and canned commitments lined up for promotional purposes. To counteract this rumors swirl that Roc Nation boss Jay-Z is lining up a $25-million Samsung deal similar to the non-traditional release of Beyonce’s surprise self-titled LP from last year. This also adds new complications surrounding the digital streaming availability of her new record. Rihanna was one of the 16 artists announced as co-owners of TIDAL, while Samsung already has its own streaming service, Milk Music (which literally nobody uses).

So far the music is great – but this label BS really needs to get sorted out.