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Ben Birchard

March 10, 2016

Ray LaMontagne took a different approach to his most recent release Ourobouros (March 4th, RCA).

Backed in the studio by My Morning Jacket, and produced by their frontman Jim James, Ourboros has been released essentially as 2 long tracks. Part 1 runs approx 24 minutes and contains the following tracks:

“Homecoming” – 8:28
“Hey, No Pressure” – 6:34
“The Changing Man” – 4:13
“While It Still Beats” – 4:10

Part 2 runs approx 17 minutes and is made up of:

“In My Own Way” – 6:36
“Another Day” – 3:05
“A Murmuration of Starlings” – 2:33
“Wouldn’t It Make a Lovely Photograph” – 3:58

Although “Hey, No Pressure” is the lead single promoting the album, La Montagne’s intention was to create the vinyl experience as much as is possible on digital platforms. He explained in a recent interview with Rolling Stone “It’s the format. You’re constrained by just 45 minutes, and it’s perfect to me. I don’t want to listen to any more than that, and I live and breathe music. But 45 minutes is perfect, and I also love to break; I love the 20 or 25 minutes in and you flip it.”

La Montagne is set to tour the new record in June with My Morning Jacket (minus James)

You can check out the full album below: