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Jennifer Trujillo

December 07, 2018

Elliot from Mr. Robot. That’s how I know him. That’s how we all knew him until recently when he got the opportunity to play the roll of a life time as the rock legend Freddy Mercury from the band QUEEN. I personally was excited to hear that he was taking on this part, not only does he resemble Freddy, but he’s an incredibly talented actor that needed to get more recognition.

Hundreds and hundreds of hours Rami would spend watching tapes of Freddy, how he moved, spoke, everything down to the way he held a cup. I myself couldn’t believe how accurate it all was. It was indeed like watching Freddy himself on the screen. And it wasn’t just Rami who nailed the part, every actor that played a member of the band did an amazing job. The guitarist looked identical! The few remaining members said that each band mate was represented so perfectly.

Let’s talk about the script. If you don’t know the story of QUEEN, you certainly will now. I know the basics of QUEEN, but not every little detail, and every little detail is what made this movie award winning. All two and a half hours of it, but it didn’t feel like it was that long because I sucked into every minute of it. I left the movie feeling so close to Freddy and the band, and I love that feeling.

Check it out while it’s still in the theaters. It’s a MUST see in the theater because you want that surround sound music, trust me.