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Kelly Patterson

January 05, 2016

After releasing two previous albums that flew way below the radar, pop singer, Rachel Platten has finally broken through with her new album, WildFire.

The album includes her top 10 hit “Fight Song,” which features her formidable voice over empowering lyrics and a rising, catchy beat.

The second release from the album is the radio friendly track “Stand By You,” that follows in the same catchy and positive vein. The video released for the song is fun and inspiring and features vignettes of various people demonstrating universal love and support and a gospel choir at the end to drive the point home.

The album boasts 12 songs that don’t necessarily stretch the singers true potential, but sticks to the successful formula that made “Fight Song” a Teen Choice nominated summer song of the year. Other standout songs on the album include “Beating Me Up” and “Congratulations.”