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Tony Young

December 11, 2015

Yes, Yes he’s back the Billion viewed man Psy and he needs our help. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from the YouTube sensation after “Gangnam Style” was viewed worldwide by over 2 Billion people. Some might be happy with that level of success but it put a lot of pressure on Psy to top such a visual feat. He just might do it with his latest video “Daddy” to date he’s approaching 50 million views and it’s only been on YouTube for less than a month. Through the magic of special effects Psy plays the child, Daddy and Grandfather in the video. The song has even cracked the billboard Hot 100 chart, entering at number 97. It doesn’t stop there folks Psy has created a new dance for us all to practice and enjoy.

How can we help Psy. Lets all chip in and aid in cracking the 2 Billion mark to surpass “Gangnam Style”. All it takes is for us all to give “Daddy” a few views, I’ve given it my 2 view limit but I might be begging for more in a while. Take in the video and after you’ve checked it out you might be saying “I got it from my Daddy” and view it again, and again, and again!