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Craig Clemens

November 17, 2016

Prince’s estate hates Tidal just as much as you do.

NPG Records and Prince’s estate are suing Jay Z’s management firm Roc Nation over disagreements regarding how much of the late-Pop superstars back catalog has been made available to it’s customers.

Originally negotiating exclusive streaming rights to Prince’s music in 2015, his estate claims that Tidal may have broken exclusivity agreements and copyright while “exploiting many copyrighted Price works”.

Roc Nation responded by claiming to have “the right to exclusively stream the entire catalogue of music, with certain limited exceptions”, citing written and oral licenses.

Last month Warner Brothers confirmed that they were releasing a deluxe version of Purple Rain, but it is estimated that the star’s legendary “vault” of music, which contains a treasure trove of unreleased tracks and is estimated to constitute as much as 70% of his recorded music, could be worth as much as $100 million.

Earlier this year, Prince’s estate had turned down an offer from Roc Nation which offers a reported $40 million for Prince’s entire back catalogue.

Prince’s estate is seeking unspecified damages and an injunction to stop Tidal from streaming Prince’s back catalogue.