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Sarah Nazim

December 01, 2017

Canada’s Godfather of hip-hop and iconic JUNO award-winning rapper, Maestro Fresh Wes sat down for a one-on-one interview with Master T on RX TV! He also did a live performance at the RX TV studio.

Maestro Fresh Wes recently dropped a new album called, ‘Coach Fresh,’ where he raps about everything from sports culture, community, entertainment, fatherhood, leadership, love, grief and heavier topics such as systemic racism and oppression. The album has guest features including, Rich Kidd, Ghetto Concept, Infinite, Faith Walker, Ivana Santilli and more.

Watch Part 1 below, where they talk Canadian hip-hop history, his acting and longevity in the music industry!

In episode 2, they discuss Maestro Fresh Wes’ new album, Drake and the rise of Canadian talent.

In this final episode with Maestro Fresh Wes, he gives us his prescription for success and Master T asks him some Raptor’s questions.

Give ‘Coach Fresh’ a spin.