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Jennifer Trujillo

February 06, 2019

“I feel like a lot of people probably only thought I’d make it to the walk of shame, but here I am”. Words spoken by P!nk in her acceptance speech at the ceremony, and classic P!NK words at that. Leave it up to her to make a joke out of such an honor (and a reason I’m such a fan).

All I have to say is, this is long overdo. There are so many reasons that P!NK is a superstar and so deserving of this award. To name of few, she’s an incredible performer. Not too many musicians can carry a tune while swinging through the air by a cloth. She’s a humanitarian, always using her voice for good causes. She’s a mother, a wife and praised friend to many. And last but not least, her voice is like no other.

As a huge P!NK fan myself, I’m so happy to see her finally receive this honor. See her full acceptance speech below.