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Jennifer Trujillo

August 10, 2017

One of the best live shows I’ve ever seen has definitely been a P!nk show. I don’t just say this because she flies around fearless like an acrobat, I say this because her voice is truly unlike any other. She’s the true definition of a rock star. It’s been way too long since this rock star has put out an album, and now she’s back with her new single “What About Us” which is a little on the mellow side compared to her usual angry singles. Don’t get me wrong, I love angry P!nk, it’s one of the reason I fell in love with her, but I absolutely love vulnerable honest P!nk. I can’t wait for this new album. “Beautiful Trauma” will be her seventh album coming at you October 13th. I recommend you listen to it, or she’ll beat you up.