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Jennifer Trujillo

July 25, 2018

P!nk could wrap herself in a potato sack and sing the alphabet and I’ll still think it’s amazing. She’s such a boss at everything she does, and I am definitely one of her biggest fans. On most of her albums, my favorite song off of them is usually the dark song that doesn’t get much air time, much less a music video. Her latest album “Beautiful Trauma” has a song called “Secrets”, track 9, and this song off the bat was my favorite, and I didn’t expect it to get as much attention as her hits “What About Us” and “Beautiful Trauma”. When I woke up this morning I was so excited to see that P!nk shot a secret video while being in Australia for the song “Secrets”, ironically. The video features her and her dancers bouncing around the city enjoying the nightlife after a show at the Perth Arena.

This song and video release should be a good reminder that if you haven’t listened to the whole “Beautiful Trauma” album yet, what are you waiting for???