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Eric De La Torre

June 17, 2016

One-man producer/rapper Richard Andrew, aka Outasight, has received some pretty positive feedback so far on his sophomore album The Big Trouble. Without a doubt, his number one single would be rock/funk/twerk smash “The Boogie”.

“The Boogie” successfully mashes together several genres into a fun dancefloor epic. From wailing guitars, to swinging beats, to funkadelic horns, Outasight manages to keep them all grooving while lacing some pretty catchy lyrics on top of it all. “The Boogie” has also managed to cross over from music into sports, with a recent 2016 NBA Playoffs spot showing clips from his music video as well as highlights from the NBA 2016 season.

It’s pop music like “The Boogie” that isn’t afraid to think outside of the box that continues to push the genre forward into new and exciting terrain. Check out the music video below: