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Sarah Nazim

April 03, 2018

Los Angeles-based newcomer Daisy Gray has released her debut single, Saviour, following a number of YouTube covers including Chris Isaak’s  “Wicked Games” in 2015, which has garnered over 2.7 Million views to-date. The now 18-year-old singer and Wilhelmina-signed model is preparing to take on a serious music career, as noted by V Magazine . Her debut alt-pop track is a catchy tune laced with a sensual vibe!

“For me my music is my truth; it’s like sharing parts of my diary with those who hear my songs. I turn to music like someone would turn to a best friend,” says Gray, whose real name is Daisy Grace Vardell. “When I’m sad or in a bad place, I listen to music or write music. When I’m happy or in a great place, I listen to music and write music. I feel like I find my truest form of myself through music, and it’s a part of me.”