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For when you’re feeling social


Craig Clemens

August 08, 2014

You remember that movie ‘Meatballs’?

Who am I kidding? Everybody remembers that flick. Bill Murray, head camp councilor,  befriends a socially awkward teen who, after bonding with Murray, finds his true potential in… cross-country running?

Whatever. If you haven’t seen it it’s THE summer movie of all time. Bar none.

Stella Ella Ola reminds me a lot of that movie. This super-group, off-shoot of  the Toronto act Hollerado, has released their first record under Royal Mountain Records and it oozes summer. Listening to it for the first time I had to check to make sure my back wasn’t sunburned and there wasn’t any sand in my shoes. Carefree, fun, off-beat, sometimes a little crazy, it’s summer.

This may not make any ‘best of’ lists or really contain any song that will gain the moniker ‘song of the summer’, but you know, who cares? This record just wants to make out with you behind the Catholic school in your dads minivan after drinking your first beer. This record wants to climb the old tree in the back field and throw rocks at the fence post; the one that doesn’t hit it has to moon the road. This record wants to drive to the beach and go to that house party afterwards.