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Craig Clemens

September 19, 2014


It’s something that I struggle with everyday. Curating for RX Music it’s always a challenge to get definitions out of clients who don’t actually have a background in music. Instead I find myself struggling with very objective terms like “rock-y”, “screamy”, “too loud”, “too jazzy”.. things that mean different things to different people. Mind you, this is were adapting and note taking becomes so important.

Even with a background in music (no pun intended) it’s increasingly difficult to define and pigeon-hole an artist, album, or song into a definitive genre of music or sound. Seemingly everyday a new style is developed into a new sound and redefines how we perceive music. Adaptation and note taking is key.

This is where I find myself with Seekae’s new record The Worry. Laid back indie croon with a heavy dose of Joy Division, melancholy house music and neo-folk, this record is everything but stays away from being nothing at all. It is it’s own crossover, without the self-indulgence of just “trying to be different”.

Creative and engaging, this record will absolutely be over-looked because it can not be pigeon-holed, it can not be defined. Fortunately, it will be listened to, unfortunately, nobody will know that they’re listening to it.