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Craig Clemens

October 10, 2014

Yeah, it’s fair to say that we’ve have been waiting for this one for quite a while. Ever since the lead single “New Dorp, New York” dropped in July, we at Playback started counting the days till SBTRKT would finally release the full album to go along with the amazingly complex and hip track.

The LP, Wonder Where We Land, by post-dubstep, indie pop, electronica, professional remixer Aaron Jerome (a.k.a. SBTRKT) is just simply an amazing album. Each track is so different in structure and style the album is continuously exciting, yet it is so undeniably SBTRKT’s sound. And although it may lack the dancefloor impact that SBTRKT’s debut had, it certainly brings non-linear soul music, something the hip-hop world especially has been taken notice of recently.

This guy’ll never be exactly what we expect from him – critics and music fans have to challenge themselves, and the artists they enjoy, to stretch their ideas of what music is, and I feel that on a personal level, SBTRKT has done this. He took a formula that he had perfected over the years, the product of which we saw in his debut, and threw it out the fucking window. The new equation, the new way he makes music, is on display here. Check it out, and put it on repeat all weekend.