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Craig Clemens

December 12, 2014

“Stone cold broke in the middle of winter” – first line from Ledges


If you don’t know that feeling yet, you haven’t started Christmas shopping yet. This album is a lot like a Christmas album – perfectly suited for the time of year that it’s been released. If this was released in July people would “get it” but they wouldn’t truly feel the same emotion that Noah Gundersen is portraying in Ledges, his first full length LP.

By bringing us from a hurricane of vocal force to making the listener cry tears of pain, this album was made for the wintertime. Throughout there’s a sort of wavering vulnerability in his voice, playing, and words that, even thought they are repeated may times by others, still ring true when told with truth.

It seems that everybody has a friend that is totally into a sort of “down-home indie-folk” kinda music, guilty pleasure or not, when I turned this record on this morning I immediately sent a copy to this friend of mine. I needed to share this with those who would truly appreciate how awesome this record truly is. I’m now told she hasn’t yet stopped listening to it – and plans to cover some of the songs herself.

On repeat all weekend, indeed.