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Craig Clemens

August 29, 2014

Without straying too far from what made Cymbols Eat Guitars so great in their first two releases, LOSE has something that we can all enjoy. Sometimes carefree and uplifting, sometimes hard-hitting and crass. Lyrically this record is a representation of a loss of innocence, a loss of youth, summers gone by. And as this short and chilly summer of 2014 comes to a grey close this one is released at a perfect time.

Labour Day weekend is always a scary/exciting time. For those who still attend a scholastic institution it represents the end of bleary eyed summer nights and warm summer mornings, the end of the care-free days of summer. As much as it represents the changing of the seasons it also represents the changing of the personal seasons. Heading into a new grade, school, city, or program – this time of year is a transitional period  that almost everybody can relate to in some form or another. This is what this record represents and ultimately sounds like. It’s cold, yet their are still warm memories of days that passed not more than a week ago.