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Craig Clemens

January 20, 2015

This was the missing link everybody was looking for between Ty’s album Sleeper,  a melancholy psychedelia, hazy, green-eyed garage sound, and his 2014 release Manipulator, which hit much, much harder and explored a sound that was more akin to someone stretching the limits of his gear, more than his musicality.

Mr. Face, released by Ty Segall this week on the worlds first set of playable 3D glasses, is reminiscent of a EP compiled of songs that were left on the floor when making Manipulator, but with such a large body of work that is constantly expanding, it is completely possible that he wrote this 2 weeks ago during the commercials of a football game.

The absolutely incredible ability to pump out absolutely insane matieral is something that is leaving contemporaries and critics alike awestruck, mostly due to the fact that Ty is still largely coming into his own, not only as a songwriter, but as a performer, guitarist, and musical personality.

Don’t sleep on Ty Segall, those that do will most certainly miss something insanely special.