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Jennifer Trujillo

August 14, 2018

I just recently saw an interview with Lil’ Wayne where he stated that this is very easily one of Nicki Minaj’s best work, and I totally agree. Last week Nicki released “Queen”, which is a full length album of her telling stories, taking shots (as brutal as they may be), as she sees them fit.

Move over Cardi B, your success as a female in rap is no intimidation for Nicki. I’ve heard both albums and this “Queen” comes out on top. This album is definitely not lacking three things; aggression, attitude, and talent. I’m hearing a little of the old Nicki coming out, where she would just spit rhymes like rapid fire, no holding back, and I’m loving it. She targets some of rap’s biggest names, playfully stabbing at them and turning their reputations into reasons they won’t be seeing her in the bedroom.

She’s even teamed up with hip hop legend Foxy Brown, which is a recipe for a empowered, can’t mess with us kinda hit. She’s also teamed up with Eminem on “Majesty”, (his verse on that track is fire), The Weeknd for “I Thought I Knew You”, Ariana Grande for “Bed”, and Future for the track “Sir”.

I find myself listening to this album and laughing at her insults, dancing to her rhythms, and trying to see if I can rap as fast as her, (dare to dream).

Below is her latest video off the album “Ganja Burn”.