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Jennifer Trujillo

November 03, 2017

If my grandpa was alive today, and he knew I worked in music and didn’t use my platform to show respects to a “real musician” (in his words), I’d probably never hear the end of it. However, being from New Mexico and having a passion for music, I feel my own obligation and I’m honored to do so.

If you’re from New Mexico you know the “godfather” of music, Al Hurricane. He was an eye patch wearing influential musician who blended New Mexico folk music with the rhythms of rock, jazz and country. He was New Mexico’s biggest music icon and I’m sad to say he passed away October 22nd in his home in New Mexico.

Growing up in New Mexico, Al Hurricane was a name you knew. Even if you didn’t like Spanish music you still had a respect for what he did. My grandpa was a huge fan, and his music was always playing in our household. I remember my mom telling me stories of taking him to Al Hurricane concerts and he would have tears in his eyes because he was so happy. Being a musician himself, he always had huge admiration for him, as every music lover in New Mexico did. I myself thought he was an amazing artist.

Rest In Peace Mr Hurricane, you will truly be missed.