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Jennifer Trujillo

July 10, 2018

It’s such a common tale. Man cheats on Woman. Woman catches Man. Woman stays with Man.

Not in this tale! The current country pop hit that is sitting pretty at the top of the country charts is the new anthem for ladies everywhere to move on, and the video sends a clear message that it’s ok! I shouldn’t say it’s just a common tale for the woman to catch a man cheating, it could be the other way around. So I’m certain this song and video relates to women and men out there.

I personally LOVE this song. I don’t blog about many country songs, so if I do you know I’m a huge fan. I was stoked when I heard this video was in production because I was hoping it would stick close to the concept of the song. I love the “Mad Men” time setting as well as the story told. Excellent treatment writing and follow through. No disappointment here!