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Jennifer Trujillo

July 19, 2018

Who misses the days of VHS?? I know we’re all spoiled with technology now but there has to be a lot of you who are going to answer, “yes”. If that’s you, AND you’re a Muse fan, this is the video for you. Muse brings us along on this epic journey with them as they race to return a VHS tape before lead singer Matt Bellamy turns into a werewolf.

“Life on the road can bring out your inner beast, this song and video is about taming that beast, desiring a return to something human. Plus, Teen Wolf is cool,” says Matt Bellamy.

They joined forces with director Lance Drake, who also directed the band’s video for “Dig Down” and “Thought Contagion.” The three videos are a continued journey which started with the first video “Dig Down”.

This 80’s themed music video is a must watch.