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Jennifer Trujillo

August 31, 2018

I’ve said this since the first time I heard them probably 15 years ago, Muse is so ahead of their time, in music and in production, and their latest video and song for “The Dark Side” is just another example of that.

This past year, Muse has done nothing but tease their fans with singles such as “Dig Down”, Thought Contagion”, and “Something Human”, but zero talk about a new album date. Well Muse fans, the wait is over! With the release of their latest song “The Dark Side” today, they’ve announced that a new album will follow and be due out on November 9th. Mark your calendars!

The new album will be available in three versions: a standard edition with 11 tracks, a deluxe edition with 16 tracks, and a “super deluxe” edition with 21 tracks including two “Alternate Reality” versions and an “Acoustic Gospel” reworking of “Dig Down.” Sign me up for the deluxe version!

Check out the new video below for “The Dark Side” where Muse speeds through a intergalactic universe, directed by Lance Drake who did the past three videos off this new album.