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Jennifer Trujillo

September 27, 2018

Since the release of the first single off their new album “Simulation Theory”, Muse has been giving fans a little taste of their album with not only a new song, but a new video to go along with it. Each video is directed by Lance Drake, and each video seems to have the same retro feel. This video picks up right where the last video left off and takes us back to the days of our high school dances, with a little of that back to the future vibe. We see a familiar face, Terry Clark, as he introduces Muse under the name of “Rocket Baby Doll”. No one in the audience seems excited, but after sometime everyone is up on their feet. However it’s not too long before chaos breaks lose.

As far as the song itself, I’ve read a few reviews since its release and they all say the same thing, that is a “straight muse rock track”, and I couldn’t agree more. The past few songs have been more “electro rock” sounding, which I’m not complaining about, but I absolutely LOVE hearing the old Muse rock sound come out.

I don’t think I’ve heard one song off this new album yet that has not sparked excitement in me for the entire album. November 9th can’t come soon enough me and all the other Muse fans.